Spring Cleaning For A Healthier Fertility Journey

Spring Cleaning For A Healthier Fertility Journey

Before I get started on this post, I want to say that this is not sponsored and I’m definitely not an expert or authority on toxins and chemicals. I do however want to make better choices if I can and share with you what I have learned when it comes to cleaning products.

I started swapping out some of my regular cleaning products with more natural ingredients. I did this for a few reasons but mostly because the chemicals in many common cleaners may have toxic effects on fertility. Just think, a solvent that tells you it cuts through grease is also something that easily gets through the skin and into the body. Ugh! So with education and guidance from my sister (who is an expert on toxins), I decided to take the first steps towards a  healthier fertility journey!

One of my favorite natural cleaning brands is Grove Collective - an auto-replenishment service that carries natural products from floor cleaner (which I’m trying this weekend) to laundry detergent, they even have natural products for your fur children. But my favorite product they sell is their cleaning concentrate 3 pack. I also recommend purchasing their awesome all-glass spray bottle. So basically all you do is empty the concentrate into the matching spray bottle and add water. Ta-dah! It’s that easy! I just love it!

You can also make your own natural cleaner with vinegar - I included a recipe below. I would recommend doing some research before you start cleaning on what not to clean with the homemade solution. I also do not like the smell of vinegar so I put a fair amount of essential oil drops in mine, I really like lemon and orange mixed together.

Spring has sprung my friends and it’s about time right?! To celebrate the arrival of Spring,  I have included a printable below to help with Spring cleaning. It’s a very non-intimidating checklist to get your home ready for summer and to get rid of the winter buildup. Open up the windows, do one room at a time, take it day-by-day, and enjoy the rays of warmth and vitamin D.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

My Five Wins of the Week!

  1. Celebrated amazing and empowering women at my church - God is good!
  2. Had a heartfelt convo with a special person in my life to help her realize her potential, her badass-ness, and her ability to be anything she wants!
  3. Downloaded the “Moment” app on my phone to track how much time I’m actually spending on it. If you haven’t done this, I totally recommend it, it’s really eye-opening.
  4. Planted some flowers in the window box outside of our kitchen window.
  5. Received an order from Paper Souce for a new card design to add to their stores!!

Share your wins with me! @inclosed or comment below!

Be the best version of yourself, even if it’s a hot mess sometimes. Embrace it.



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Do you follow Clean Mama? She has so many great resources. I have also been loving Branch Basics. The reason I stopped using Grove is because a lot of their products consist of a fragrance. That is one word that can uncover 100s of chemicals. It is unreal how unregulated clean products, makeup, candles, ect., are!


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