Mom, how did you do it all?

Mom, how did you do it all?

I love that we dedicate a whole day to celebrate the women who raised us - moms, grandmas, sisters. All of us have beautiful stories about these women who helped us transition from bratty teenagers to strong, fearless women.

I would love to say that my mom dedicated her life to raising four daughters, but proudly she did not. My mom had a life outside of being a mother - hobbies, friends, garden club, going to the gym. She was also a full-time nurse, evening shift at that, and when she wasn’t working at the hospital she was helping my dad with the family business. Laundry was always done, our clothes were always folded nicely in the drawers, she had homemade dinners prepared every night and had breakfast ready for us every morning. She always gave us a kiss goodbye before we left for school, made our sack lunches, and attended all of our school functions and sport’s activities. Yup. She did it all! And I never once heard her complain.

So mom, how did you do it all? I sat down with my mom, read this first part to her, and straight up asked her how she did it all... Here’s what she had to say! 😆

Me: When we were younger, did you enjoy being a mom?

Mom: No, not really - (we both start laughing)! Being a mom is tiresome, it’s hard, it’s a lot of work especially when you work full time. The kids came first which didn’t leave much personal time.

Me: When you did have some alone time, what was your favorite activity? What did you like to do?

Mom: Going to the gym. Garden club, working in the yard.

Me: What is the most challenging part of being a mom?

Mom: Having FOUR daughters (laughter again)!

Me: What is the best part of being a mom?

Mom: Being a mom.

Me: What’s your favorite memory you have of your mom?

Mom: Making homemade Portuguese bread every Saturday morning, and making malasadas during lent.

Me: What’s your favorite memory you have of me?

Mom: When you were five and stuck a Boston Baked Bean candy up your nose and had to go to the ER. Also when you tried to pursue a career in child modeling and doing runway shows at Youngstown in Rockbrook Village (at this point my stomach is hurting from all the laughter)!

Me: What has been your favorite age? Why?

Mom: My 60’s - because all the kids were out of the house and I had more free time. I took up golf, traveled more, it was a relaxing time.

Me: What advice would you give young women today?

Mom: To get your education first, have fun in your 20’s and marry in your 30’s. Don’t rush into marriage.

Me: What advice would you give new moms?

Mom: Quit following the book in raising your children - you’ll end up getting more stressed if your child doesn’t go by the book or if something’s not working. Hone in on your motherly instincts - and ask for help! And stop thinking every mom and family you see on social media is perfect, there is no perfect mom, marriage or family. Focus on yourself, your spouse, your children and get off the phones! (love it).

A big shout out to my mom for helping me with this very special blog post! It was super fun to go over all these questions with her and it’s something I will treasure forever!

I absolutely recommend having a conversation with the woman who helped raise you - ask them questions, advice, personal stuff and I promise it will fill your heart and soul. Plus there will be lots of laughter and happy tears, I promise.

My Five Wins of the Week

  1. Finished our 2022 Charmpad catalog.
  2. Uploaded new Charmpads to our website.
  3. Ate a Dairy Queen Dilly bar and didn't feel bad about it.
  4. Put a freakin blog post together. And posted it.
  5. Was able to go for a walk with John finally, it's been so rainy here.

Share your wins with me! @inclosed or comment below!

Be the best version of yourself, even if it’s a hot mess sometimes. Embrace it.


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